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i worked at Flip for 2.5 years, first as content creator, and then as head of content
the work i did there that i'm most proud of is:

case studies

if you're thinking of hiring me, these case studies will give you an idea of my effectiveness


i invented a meme
a meme i posted on the brand instagram went shockingly viral
the brand account is permanently cited as the originator on
know your meme, the wikipedia of memes

the ads i made for flip are wildly popular
here's the proof

feed posts
i created and sourced all content for the account since it started with zero followers in august 2017
some of my favorites:
the instagram stories i made for flip drove traffic to the site with interactive formats


before leaving flip, i created a twitter series answering rental law questions from users

content writing

knowledge base
i researched and wrote the foundations of learn, our country-wide, state-specific encyclopedia of landlord-tenant law info

i strategized and wrote posts for the blog
some of my favorites:

i am currently in a full time role and not accepting new work.

but here is my resume and
email me if you want to talk about anything else.